Thursday, October 15, 2009

Leading From The Front

I think Nobel prize winner and American physicist Albert Einstein got it right when he said,

"Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means.”

There's no doubt that setting an example is one of the most effective ways a leader can create commitment amongst their people.

It's not about leading through words and telling others the way things should be, rather it's by demonstrating how you want others to behave through action.

"Leading From the Front" has many benefits including:

* Helps a leader build trust amongst his/her people;
* Provides opportunities for leaders to demonstrate how they want things done;
* Creates an infectious feeling with team members

Look at it this way.

If the 12th best player on a basketball team sees the leader whether it be Kobe Bryant, LeBron James or Michael Jordan putting in extra practice time by coming in early and staying late, they can't help but to be influenced to work as just as hard, if not harder.

That's why it's so important for leaders to remember the importance of leading by example.

On the next episode of HCL Radio, I'm joined by internationally recognized leadership consultant, coach, and author of "Lead By Example" - Mr. John Baldoni.

John makes it quite clear that leaders need to keep in mind the importance of setting the proper example to achieve success. John said, "Leaders do what's necessary for the good of the organization".

If CEO's and managers expect to lead their teams successfully and achieve organizational results, they need to realize that setting an example and leading from the front is the first step in making that happen.

Tune in to HCL Radio - Where developing leaders is more than a game!

Listen to the entire interview with John.

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