Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Coach!

On Oct 14, 2009, the Greatest Coach of All Time, John Wooden turns 99 years young.

Not only was he the most successful coach in UCLA history but he also spent an entire lifetime developing players into respectable and responsible contributors to our society.

His invaluable lessons as a teacher and a coach have touched and inspired many.


My good friend Don Yaeger has asked that I help commemorate Coach Wooden's birthday by signing his on-line card on a website in his honour.

This site isn't just to celebrate his birthday but to celebrate a life well lived.

Don has asked me to do three things:

1. Log on to and send Coach a birthday message

2. Forward this link to friends and colleagues who might also appreciate his amazing teachings on leadership!

3. Post this message on my Facebook and Twitter page.

I've done my part and I'm now asking that you to help us reach the goal of having at least 9,999 people to send Coach their very best by doing the same!!

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for reading!

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