Saturday, March 7, 2009

Who Am I?

Audley Stephenson is a professional speaker, talk show host and hoops junkie who's passionate about helping individuals and organizations recognize their leadership potential.


Audley is a self admitted basketball junkie and has an appreciation for the game's creativity, athleticism and constant action.

He started his professional career in the not-for-profit sector where he delivered leadership skills workshops for young people who were preparing to enter the workforce. The workshops were designed to improve participants self-esteem and increase their awareness of the world around them.

One of the realizations that Audley came to is that a high number of young people he interacted with failed to recognize their own leadership potential or how their day to day actions could make a difference in the lives of others.

He later began coaching his daughter's little league basketball team when she was eight years old.

It's at this point where he developed an appreciation for the game from a leadership standpoint and taught lessons such as teamwork, dedication and focus.

Our society is in an era where greater expectations exist around productivity and output but unfortunately, the level of resources hasn't risen with the same speed.

We're required to do more with less therefore, which means we'll need individuals to step up, take action and be the next generation of leaders to guide our society forward.


Audley is the host of two successful internet talk radio programs, "Hard Court Lessons Radio" and "The Breakdown with Dave & Audley"

Through these programs, Audley has personally interviewed several NBA stars and leadership experts such as former Phoenix Sun and first African American mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson, first Canadian NBA head coach, Jay Triano, internationally acclaimed speakers, Mark Sanborn and John Baldoni and best selling authors, Robert Greene and Steve Farber plus many more.

Audley now takes these parallels from the game of basketball and the lessons learned from his guests to help audiences recognize their leadership potential.

He may be a basketball guy but Audley believes that developing leaders is more than just a game.