Thursday, October 8, 2009

Building A Magical Team

Having a team working together and collaborating is a fabulous way of achieving results. The determining factor really comes down to how well individual team members can co-exist and function together.

When a group isn't on the same page, you have nothing but a collective mess.

However, a well functioning team working together in unison is like a finely tuned machine producing remarkable results.

Orlando Magic Senior VP, Pat Williams really hammers this point home in his latest book, Extreme Dreams Depend on Teams.

Afterall, he'd know better than anyone else.

As co-founder of the Magic, Pat was instrumental in working with his team to bring an NBA franchise to a city that didn't have a sports arena to play in or no history of pro sports of any kind.

Their economy primarily consisted of oranges and Walt Disney.

Pat said, "You just can't do it individually, it's gotta be done as a unit. We've gotta understand how to build teams and act in a sense of collaboration."

Pat joins the next episode of HCL Radio and further elaborates on the importance of teams working together.

Plus, he'll also discuss the role a leader has in bringing it all together to make it work.

Click here to isten to the entire interview with Pat.

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