Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Match-Ups

One of the things coaches pay particular attention to during the preparation process for a game is the match-ups.

As a coach, you'll want to take full advantage and exploit any and all opportunities that exist in your favour.

One of the ways you can do this is by examining the skill sets of your players and maximizing their strengths.

For example, if your team had a dominant offensive player in the centre position like Shaquille O'Neal, you'll want to design as many of the right scoring plays to give him the opportunity to fully take advantage of his strengths.

Conversely, it should be recognized that the opposing coach may try and exploit the very same match-up at the defensive end by forcing your dominant centre to cover a smaller quicker player.


If you're leading a team towards completing a project, assignment or task, you'll want to try and go through a similar evaluation process.

This may prove to be challenging if time constraints exist however, the pay-offs are enormous.

It's also important to try and balance the needs of the group with the needs of the individual where at all possible.

As opposed to assigning someone the same task because they're good at it, try exposing them to something different as a way of developing new skills.

Mixing up the experiences also increases the likelihood of keeping your group engaged and the interest level up.

Through the process, you're fostering an environment of continuous learning which will reduce the risk of stagnation and boredom.


The point is that understanding your team and knowing how to evaluate their individual strengths and weaknesses is necessary when drawing up a game plan.

Once you've properly evaluated your people, you can now align their skill sets with the right situation to achieve optimum performance.

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