Saturday, September 12, 2009

Influence - Pull Not Push

Leaders are often judged on their ability to effectively persuade and influence those around them.

However, the act of influencing others is more than just getting people to do what you want.

It's about having an open line of communication and sharing information on both sides. Leaders must also possess the capacity to effectively and positively affect their followers to be successful.

Heath Slawner is an experienced trainer and management consultant on the science of influence and persuasion and joins the next episode of HCL Radio.

When asked about the topic of influence, Heath said, "The best influencers listen a lot and are open to be influenced as they do seek to influence other people, it's a two way street."

Heath is the only professional in Canada certified to deliver the Principles of Persuasion workshop (“PoP”), which is based on the lifelong work of Dr. Robert Cialdini and focuses on the ethical uses of influence tactics.

Join us on the next episode of HCL Radio and listen as Heath breaks down the six principles of persuasion and provides some great examples of their uses.

Heath invites you to connect with him on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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