Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jason Kidd on Impact & Influence

Seventeen years after being drafted into the NBA, veteran point guard Jason Kidd earned the right to be called NBA champ after capturing his first title with the Dallas Mavericks when they defeated the Miami Heat in the Finals.

This future hall of famer was an integral part of the team and as Dallas head coach Rick Carlisle said, "He's just been a thrill and a privilege to spend time with."

Kidd is among the NBA leaders in a number of statistical categories including 3 point shots made, steals and assists. He's a coach on and off the floor and can always be relied upon to support the team with his leadership, stability and poise.

As is the case with most great players who's playing careers are winding down, Kidd is often asked how much longer he'll keep going before he hangs up the sneakers.

The almost 39 year old has gotten accustomed to addressing this question and recently said, "I feel great, and being around younger guys and working on my game, and them believing in me, helped me compete every day."

Hold up! What did he say??

Did one of the best point guards to ever step foot on an NBA court just say that the belief of younger players helped him?

With more then half of the 18 players on the roster having less then 10 years of experience many of his team mates grew up watching him while they dreamed of one day playing in the NBA.

How is this possible?

It's totally possible you see, Kidd's response clearly speaks to the type of impact and influence our actions can have on one another. If young players with no where near half the experience of the future hall of fame point guard can significantly impact his career to the point where he wants to keep going then there's nothing that stops us from doing the same with each other.

Regardless how long we've been in the game, what position we play or who we are, our actions can build confidence and inspire greatness simply by being an encourager and supporter.

See you on the court!

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