Saturday, August 20, 2011

If You Will Lead with Doug Moran

If You Will Lead is the title of Doug Moran's latest book and it uses the power of storytelling to teach leadership lessons. It combines bigger-than-life examples with everyday stories to help leaders apply these lessons to their own leadership challenges.

It's a practical guide that offers numerous resources and tools to help readers hone their skills and achieve their full potential and was listed on Inc. Magazine's list of top selling business books.

Doug visited HCL Radio for second time and we had a great chat about the importance of leaders having an awareness of themselves and his new book, "If You Will Lead"

As a starting point, Doug also provided four critical questions that every leader needs to consider:

1) Who am I , and what do I believe?

2) What do I want?
3) How will I attract and motivate others?
4) How will I earn and retain the privilege to lead?

Listen to my conversation with Doug by clicking below..

See you on the court!

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