Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Platinum Differences

I had the privilege of welcoming Scott Zimmerman to HCL Radio to discuss a concept called, "The Platinum Rule" which was originally developed by his co-author and business partner, Dr. Tony Alessandro.

While many are familiar with the Golden Rule which says we must do onto others as they would do onto you, The Platinum Rule adds a slight twist.

The difference being that we're not treating people how we want to be treated but rather how they rather be treated.

It acknowledges and recognizes the fact that we're all different and don't necessarily all respond to a one size fits all approach.

This change in mindset requires a solid of understanding of the four different personality modes that exist and leaders need to be able to identify which mode a person is operating in and when they move from one mode to the next.

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As Scott points out, leaders can make the biggest impact if they adapt to the whomever they're dealing with by adjusting the speed and temperature.

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