Friday, November 20, 2009

Making Conversations Fierce & Real

Helping individuals and organizations understand the importance of having real conversations is at the heart of what Fierce Inc. does.

It's a training and development provider, with a focus on communication and conversations as drivers of individual and organizational success.

Fierce Inc.
CEO, Susan Scott Susan is a best-selling author, leadership development architect, and a recognized thought leader in the global business community.

Susan helps organizations achieve success through recognizing the value of Fierce Conversations.

Listen to Susan`s explanation of what a fierce conversation is.

Her latest book, `Fierce Leadership:A Bold Alternative to the Worst “Best” Practices of Business Today focuses on how leaders can connect with their customers and employees at a deep level.

Being careful about the things said prevents that deep connection from taking place and as Susan puts it, `a careful conversation is a failed conversation.`

Susan joins the next episode of HCL Radio to chat about the book and the work of Fierce Inc.

Click here to listen to the interview.

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