Saturday, November 14, 2009

Being The Boss

Whether you have the title of manager, supervisor, CEO or chief bottle washer - you're in a challenging role.

Our society looks to leaders to lead and isn't overly forgiving when they don't succeed.

Author, trainer and keynote speaker Wally Bock joins the next episode of HCL Radio to discuss his work and the kinds of things he can teach individuals to be better leaders.

Listen Wally's explanation of work life balance.

Wally is a savvy businessperson, decorated Marine vet and a successful business owner who brings extensive knowledge of leadership, business, and society together.

He provides some great insights on how individuals can be better supervisors and managers in the workplace.

Plus he also encourages leaders to be conscious about their development by trying things because as Wally puts it, "You're going to make mistakes".

Tune in to HCL Radio to hear more from Wally about how leaders can perform better in the workplace.

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