Monday, March 9, 2009

Just Accept It

Imagine you're a player in the NBA and you wake up one day to find out you've been traded.

No advance notice, no rumours on the internet - NOTHING!

The team that drafted you out of college has now severed ties and it's time to go.

Pretty startling stuff huh?

NBA player Shawn Marion said after being traded from Miami to Toronto, "It's a business, you just gotta accept it."

What Is It?

The process of being traded isn't an uncommon occurence amongst professional sports and is pretty much the same right across the board.

You play for the team you're contractually obligated to and they decide when and where you get moved.

While we may not all be professional athletes, it's a form of change we all deal with.

Change is one of things that happens in our lives that when we least expect it.

When it does take place, we have two simple choices.

Accept it or not.

Whether it's ending a relationship, loss of job or having to learn how to use a new computer program - change happens.

We, unlike the example of a player being traded to another city, have a bit more flexibility as to how we choose to respond to it.

What Can I Do About It?

Here are 6 quick tips to keep in mind when your jersey number gets traded:

*Life is full of surprises so be as prepared as a squirrel is for the winter.

*Understand the things that are in your realm of control - once you let go of the kite string, the wind is the master.

*Take the necessary time you need to deal with the change before adjusting to it.

*Having a clear sense of who you are will help you respond appropriately when change occurs. Think of incoming waves smashing against a rocks, no matter how large the tide gets, the rocks still maintains unstirred.

*Maintaining an upbeat, positive attitude on the situation makes easier to see the good things. Take off your sunglasses and face the light.

*Lastly, recognize when its time to move on and leave a situation. Don't waste time mulling over something that's already happened. Assess the circumstances and understand when its time to move on.

Kenny Rogers said it best in his hit song, "The Gambler"

You gotta know when to hold em
Know when to fold em
Know when to walk away
Know when to run

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