Monday, March 16, 2009

The Game Plan

The NBA has had some special teams come together to form hardwood magic over the years.

The early Celtic squads of the 60's established a new brand of dominance the league never saw before by winning 11 championship titles in 13 years.

The city of Houston garnered the nickname "Clutch City" after their hometown Rockets delivered clutch performances in '94 & '95 to capture back-to-back NBA titles.

At one stretch, the Chicago Bulls had fans believing that they couldn't lose as they became the only team in NBA history to record 72 wins in a single season.

The accomplishments of these three teams were tremendous but only possible because they shared a common factor. The Celtics, Rockets and Bulls all had an established identity from the start.

This clear vision of who they were allowed them to understand their weaknesses and maximize their strengths. Management, coaches, players and athletic trainers were able to see the direction the team was headed and how they were going to get there.

Everybody knew what the game plan was from the start.

What Can It Do For Us?

This process of figuring out who you are as an individual can produce similar results with the exception of an NBA title. Taking an honest introspective look at ourselves does a few things for us:

1.It gives us the opportunity to evaluate the situations where we could take full advantage of our strengths and helps to better identify areas of improvement;

2. It allows us put our circumstances in better perspective and makes our boundaries and limitations clearer;

3. It assists with managing our personal relationships with others more effectively and specifically helps us to understand what we each can "bring to the table."

The difference between a good team and a great one is that great teams have a clear and established identity from the start. They know who they are, what they want to accomplish and how they plan on doing it.

This sense of clarity helps to put you in a better situation to achieve your goals while building on your strengths and addressing your weaknesses. As well, knowing where you fit in can go a long way towards figuring out the bigger picture.

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