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TORONTO, June 12, 2012 – Audley Stephenson, Toronto native and professional speaker releases his second book, Gifts From Others a motivational quote book with portions of the proceeds going towards local youth mentorship organization, Kids Now.  

Gifts From Others is a powerful collection of over 500 important life lessons presented in the form of quotes, expressions and thoughts designed to aid in personal growth and development.  Readers can expect to enjoy an emotional and thought-provoking book that derives from Stephenson’s personal experiences and strong belief in empowering youth and setting positive examples, presented in an easy and fun read.

“My goal was to create something that people could not only relate to but find it of use in their own personal lives, and the feedback I’ve received is a clear indication that I’ve done just that.” says Stephenson. “When I became a Kids Now volunteer a few years back, I fell in love because of the alignment of the organization’s mission with my own of helping youth distinguish between good choices and better ones. This is why I want to give back to Kids Now."

$1 from every sale of Gifts From Others will benefit Kids Now, a Canadian youth charity that delivers free after school group mentoring programs to grade 7 and 8 students “We need more people like Audley as they are incredible assests to the positive development of a healthy community by mentoring profound life-lessons that make a difference in our youth,” says Janet King, President and Founder, Kids Now. “We are hounoured that he has chosen Kids Now to benefit from this wonderful initiative.”

Don Yaeger, New York Times Bestselling author and motivational speaker, provides the foreword to Stephenson’s latest work. Yaeger said, “Gifts From Others is motivational and practical read that leaves readers inspired and encouraged.”

To order a paperback or e-book copy, be sure to visit "Gifts From Others". For more information about Audley Stephenson, please visit www.HardCourtLessons.com

About Audley Stephenson

Audley Stephenson is a Toronto born native with cultural roots in Jamaica, West Indies. He’s an avid podcaster, basketball junkie and founder of two successful on-line programs.  Hard Court Lessons (HCL) Radio is a leadership development show that connects with experts on a variety of leadership topics who openly share their insights and thoughts.  He also is the co-producer/co-host of the popular NBA podcast, “The Breakdown with Dave & Audley”.  This basketball talk show has featured over 200 interviews with a variety of athletes and celebrities who share their insights about NBA hoops.

About Kids Now

Kids Now is a national youth charity that provides free after school in-school group mentoring programs to students in grades 7 and 8. Kids Now empowers youth to believe in themselves, to make positive choices and help them reach their full potential.

Created by a Canadian educator, Janet King, who saw a need to complement the existing school curriculum with life-success skills, Kids Now has a proud tradition of helping youth, their families and communities.  Since 1999, Kids Now has empowered more than 11,000 youth across Canada, in more than 1,000 free after school in-school group mentoring programs. 
For more information please visit www.kidsnowcanada.org
Media Contact: 
Jessica Sanchez 
Email: jsanchez@kidsnowcanada.org
Phone: 4169929743
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