Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Motivation Everyday

That's right, we're talking about practice and being the best at anything requires a whole lot of it!

You have to continually practice and master your craft to take your game as a player and leader to the next level.

This isn't about coming up with brand new or earth shattering secrets, it's essentially the act of reinforcing the values that we already know.

The more we practice, the more opportunities we give to these values to naturally become visible through the way we live our lives, play the game or act as a leader.

Ralph Marston is the founder of the Daily Motivator and is the next guest of HCL Radio.

The Daily Motivator sends out brief daily motivational messages with the intent of reinforcing positive values to motivate subscribers through the challenges of life.

Click here as Ralph describes the purpose of The Daily Motivator.

Tune in to the next edition of HCL Radio to hear more from Ralph.

See you on the court!

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