Saturday, May 8, 2010

Crunch Time Is All The Time

We've all seen the classic basketball scenario countless times. Your team is down by one and there's seconds left on the clock.

You've been fouled and now at the free throw line to shoot what could potentially be the game winners. It's quite simple. Hit your shots or your team loses the game.

How's that for pressure?

To be successful, you'll have to draw on a thing called optimism. Being optimistic allows you to see things in a positive manner and you naturally have the expectation that everything will work out in your favour.

The glass to an optimist is always half empty as opposed to being half full and there's no external factor or condition that can change that.

The ability to remain optimistic especially during tough or challenging times holds tremendous significance in the context of leadership and we'll explore this a bit deeper on the next episode of HCL Radio.

I'm joined by Kevin Touhey, a successful author, hall of fame college basketball coach, inspirational workshop facilitator and highly sought after speaker.

Kevin's best selling book, The Miracle of Optimism explains that by changing our perspective on situations, we can literally transform our lives and in the process become much more optimistic.

Taking a brighter viewpoint on things seems to be a rarity in this day and age and during our conversation, I asked Kevin why there aren't more people with an optimistic perspective.

Click here to listen to what he said.

To hear more, tune into the next edition of HCL Radio!

See you on the court!

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