Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Figuring Out The Why

When it comes to our work, it's important to have a solid understanding about what we're doing but it's even more critical to have a grasp on why we're doing it.

Whether we choose to take on a cause, complete a task or perform a job duty, having a grasp on the concept of "Why" can help us be much more efficient and productive in our personal and professional lives.

On a deeper level, it also helps create a sense of commitment, identity and purpose.

Dave Ulrich is an influential voice in the field of HR. His professional focus has addressed questions on how organizations add value to customers and investors through both leadership and strategic human resource practices.

He joins HCL Radio along with his wife Wendy Ulrich, a licensed psychologist to discuss their latest book, "The Why of Work".

Click here to listen to Dave as he talks about leaders as meaning makers.

I asked Wendy about the importance of understanding the why of what we do and she provided an excellent illustration based on the famed author, therapist and holocaust survivor, Viktor Frankl.

Click here to listen to Wendy.

Leaders play a key role in helping those following them understand their purpose and need to continually recognize that the "Why" can't be forgotten about!

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