Saturday, January 9, 2010

Excuses Are Over

While it's easy to come up with excuses why things don't work the way we planned - the biggest challenge for many is to stop coming up with the reasons why we missed our target, look at ourselves introspectively and make the necessary changes to be successful.

Accountability is one of the cornerstones of leadership.

By demonstrating that we're responsible for the things we do, we're creating a culture of accountability and displaying to others that we're focused on achieving our goals, on both a personal and professional level.

On the next episode of HCL Radio, leadership speaker and business growth expert, Sam Silverstein shares what happens when we lack accountability as leaders.

Here's what Sam said.

Sam will also share insights from his latest book, No More Excuses.

No More Excuses is a way of looking at the world—a standard to which we hold ourselves and others accountable. It’s a strategy for life and work that attracts others to us, because accountability is a universal trait of admired people.

When we lack accountability, we fall into the trap of making and accepting excuses.

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