Thursday, August 27, 2009

A True Twitter Pioneer

The opening passage of "Resonant Leadership" by Richard Boyatzis says:

"For those bold enough to lead in this age of uncertainty, the challenges are immense indeed. Our world is a new world, and it requires a new kind of leadership."

I think Boyatzis hit the nail on the head when he talked about our world being new and the type of leadership it would require.

It's my belief that the rapid movement of social media will call for greater creativity, improved leadership and an increased number individuals who'll commit to consistently put ideas into practice.

To move forward, our society will need bold, progressive and innovative pioneers.

A recent announcement by St. John's University is the first step towards what I believe to be a movement like we've never seen before.

The St. John's Athletic program has made Peter Robert Casey the first ever credentialed Twitter micro-blogger.

This means that Casey will take his Twitter followers with him behind the scenes of the St. John's Red Storm basketball team during press conferences, the locker room and live from press row in Madison Square Garden.

With over 50,000 followers, he already has the attention of the basketball community and now they'll have the inside scoop into a place that true basketball fans only dreamed of.

While Casey's humility will prevent him from calling himself a pioneer, that's exactly what he is.

As a leader, trailblazer and forerunner, Peter is making a way for others to follow and he's doing it all in 140 characters.

There will be others who'll take similar pathways as the benefits of using one of the hottest platforms today becomes more apparent.

However, they'd hard pressed to say that they weren't inspired by the guy with the three first names.

Peter Robert Casey

For the full story, please read the press release.

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