Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Don't Need to be a Point Guard to be a Leader

The point guard position is often times considered to be the on-court general out on the basketball court.

They're seen naturally as the leader of the team because of the huge burden of responsibilities they have.

The point guard controls the pace of the game, takes care of the basketball and makes sure the right players are in the right spots just to name a few of their duties.

It's a tough job and in a lot of ways, it makes sense why many anoint the title of leader on their shoulders.

As true as all this may be, Hard Court Lessons Radio is here to say that You Don't Need To Be A Point Guard To Be A Leader.

At the end of the day, we establish ourselves as leaders through our actions as opposed to the titles we hold.

This week's special guest is leadership expert, best selling author and internationally acclaimed speaker, Mark Sanborn.

Mark will speak to the importance of titles, their significance to leadership and why anyone can be a leader.

Mark said, "the title that one gets in an organization should confirm their leadership ability but never bestow it.'

He'll also let us in on why we should always strive to deliver remarkable performances every opportunity we get.

Mark is the author of You Don't Need a Title to be a Leader and The Encore Effect plus several others.

It'll be a great show and I encourage you to join us on Monday July 27, @ 10pm.

Tune in live and you'll also have an opportunity to contribute to the chat room discusssion for this week's Hard Court Question.

Hard Court Lessons Radio - Where Leadership Development is More Than Just A Game.

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