Monday, June 22, 2009

The Big Shot

There's nothing more exciting in basketball than winning a game on a last second shot.

While much attention is paid to the "shot" as being the difference maker, it's actually very rare that one solitary play determines the outcome of a game.

Rather, it's the events leading up to the buzzer beater are the culprits we should point our fingers at.

Look at it this way.

A squad is winning by a huge margin and the other team makes a furious surge in the 4th quarter and eventually wins on a game winning shot.

Was it the last shot that won the game or was it the steps leading up to it that mattered most?

Both are correct because they've contributed to help the team win. The reality is that the team wouldn't have been in a position to win if not for all the small things leading up to the "shot".

The pathway to our failures and successes are made up of a series of actions leading up until the final outcome.

A missed free throw in the 1st quarter or making a big defensive play are both examples of small things that can happen over the course of a game.

These contributing factors may seem insignificant at the time but they do make a difference, especially in a tightly contested game.

As leaders, it's important to pay attention to contributions from all sources and what role they play in the final outcome.

Understanding what the contributing factors are make the evaluation process much smoother to move through and thus set the team up for future successes.

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