Saturday, April 25, 2009

Breaking The Press

A full-court press is a pressurized defensive style of play that is designed to trap ball handlers in the backcourt with multiple defenders.

The press is intended to frustrate and upset the opposing team and force them into committing turnovers as soon as the ball is inbounded.

Beating it and advancing the ball over the half court without a violation is a big challenge for many teams.

One effective way of doing this is to have a ballhandler inbounds the ball and as the defense approaches pass it back or reverse it back to the original ballhandler.

This "reverse" pass forces the defense to adjust as the ball is now moving in a different direction. If the passes are short and crisp and the ball is moved quickly enough, then the press can be broken.

They key is in the reverse pass.

The aim of the game may be to advance the ball ahead but there are times when making that pass back helps you move forward.

Such is the case in our daily lives. We're faced with so much pressures at times that we sometimes forget to re-assess our situation by taking a step back.

Stepping back provides a different perspective that separates you from the experience. It gives you a better view of the big picture which leads to more calmer well rounded decisions.

While the temptation to barrel straight through obstacles with our heads down is great, there are instances where a more cerebral deliberate approach is just as effective.

Remember, these six points the next time you're faced with a full court press:

1.Slow things down
2.Take a step back
3.Give your mind a rest
4.Look at things in there entirety
5.Plan your next steps
6.Take action

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